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5 DIY photo booth ideas that are creative

26/11/2019- Tips and Articles – by Shantanu

We live in a fashion where creativeness is all. Adding an extra treat to a party whether it be wedding, birthday, bachelorette, etc is vogue nowadays. Who doesn’t want to take back home memories that they created in moods? Intelligent have understood the importance of having a great background that can help them in clicking winning photographs and catch the light towards their facebook and Instagram stories.

Whatever the party is, the pleasant shift apart from food culture to music band, something that has helped in giving parties an extra hint of the fun part, is a customized photo booth that is loved by everyone nowadays. Raise your hands if you think photo booth ideas are fun and magic mixture for any party. We understand every extra idea also brings that extra heavy economic burden on the party planner, but we also understand that party without some real fun could turn your immense hard work into a spoil. So here, we bring to you DIY ideas to have your own photo booth with a very little investment.

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Rustic royals

There is a distinct kind of royalty in rustic. Photo booths designed on rustic themes are an attention seeker of any party. You can easily show up your creative side by just creating a homespun backdrop for that added glamour in the party. For the rustic photo booth idea, you would require a wooden backdrop, and if you are the lucky ones, you might have one in your house or check your neighbour. Add an old furniture fashion with some old carpet and some other antique props of your choice. And you are ready with your aesthetic corner.

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Linhay fashion

Everything natural and organic is something very special about Linhay fashion style photo booth. This will, to a very great extent favour your pocket, because it all coming from nature. This kind of photo booth can create a statement between your family and friends and give that added magic to your party. For this, you will require a place with good brown grass or you can dust some ready made dry grass over the place, look for trees around. Take some wooden pillars, stitch them into the ground and bring a sense of illusion of an entrance to somewhere. Decorate it with some strings of beautiful plants or any piece of cloth. Equip the place with some important party props and you can definitely start clicking.

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Floral Festoon

Something that could never go out of fashion is the floral love. That immense freshness, what one feels when around flowers, could be a perfect idea to give your party corner to those most deserving flowers. This floral photo booth will give that extra hint and blend of positive aroma to the whole place and will stand excellent for all the click lovers. And yes there is another substitute if you find flowers to be expensive, you can use artificial flowers, just sprinkle some floral perfume to act in swag. For this sort of photo booth, you will unquestionably require good vibrant flowers and a backdrop on which you can stick or hang your flowers. For an extended beauty, you can add more party props that will go in sync with the floral wall and hello! You are ready to flaunt that glam chic in you.

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Frame It!

Oh! So simple, yet so classy. Just frame it. Frame your happiness with those frame background and a cutout frame to click your poses. This is a great DIY idea with very little investment. You can use any waste photo frames, but they should be a little more in numbers, say 5 or 6, that’s not a big number either. Hang them around the place; you can go unsophisticated in this. Take a cutout frame or make one on your own with the help of cardboard, use it as your
main prop of the photo booth. You are ready to pose your heart out and take the party home.


Go Bohemian

You need to assure that while planning your unique photo booth you need to keep in mind that the photo booth should be placed according to the venue, theme, and weather. With these five DIY ideas you can bring out every emotion of guests through the camera to your photo album and cherish your special day all your life. Plan how your memories should look like and take one step ahead with planning a photo booth at your party.


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