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5 Makeup Tips For Brides Who Wants To Wear Traditional Jewellery On Her Big Day

5/10/2021- Tips and Articles – by Lucas Kraus

It is without a doubt that lots of women are turning to wear jewellery during weddings. It has always been the tradition for women to wear jewellery, even attending special events like wedding ceremonies.

The only difference is, lately, more and more brides-to-be are adding traditional pieces of jewellery too. But adding traditional jewellery with makeup and not just wearing them is a different story. Although we cannot stop you from wearing traditional jewellery at your wedding, we would still like to share some ideas and tips to help you plan. Are you a bride-to-be who wants to wear traditional jewellery for your big day? If yes, then there are some tips that you would need to know.

To get the look without spending a lot of money or going overboard on your beauty routine, read through these five makeup tips for brides who want to wear traditional jewellery on their big day. We know how important it is for every bride-to-be to look beautiful on their big day, so here are five simple makeup tips that can help you wear that traditional jewellery with ease.

White or peach coloured lipstick

It is usually hard to coordinate colours between your face and jewellery, but we think the choice of using light-colored lipstick can help. If you are wearing a white dress, we suggest using peachy-pink lipsticks and if you prefer to wear gold jewellery, then try using neutral or peach colour lipsticks with your makeup. Just make sure not to pick out too strong colours since they may look unnatural when worn together.

Neutral eye shadow

Don’t use dark colours when applying your eye makeup. If you prefer to wear a lot of jewellery, then we suggest using neutral colour makeup since it will help you highlight the beauty of your face and your jewellery at the same time.

Natural blush

Wearing too much blush can be very distracting, so we suggest only adding a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks and keep it natural and light. You can also choose matte blushes since they will make you look effortlessly glowing.

Mineral loose powder

We know that traditional jewellery can be quite heavy, especially those with lots of colours, stones, and designs. It can be very uncomfortable, especially when worn with evening gowns and dresses at your wedding reception. That is why we suggest using loose mineral powder before putting any makeup on. Mineral loose powders will help you keep your traditional jewellery light, comfortable, and still stylish to wear throughout the day without destroying your overall look.

Lightly bronzed face

You don’t have to add too much makeup or foundation when you are already wearing traditional jewellery. A simple, light bronzed face will help highlight your skin and flesh while making it appear glowing and healthy at the same time.

Wrapping Up!

It is a given that makeup is an essential part of a woman’s beauty routine, but sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially when choosing the right colours and style. We hope these five simple tips will help you plan your big day’s look from head to toe. Before we end this article, let us highlight that traditional jewellery is not just for formal events. They are perfect to wear on an everyday basis or on any special occasion. Adding this jewellery with your makeup can make you look stunning and elegant at the same time.

We hope these five tips can help you get started. That said, we suggest doing some research before purchasing your traditional jewellery since these are not just accessories. It can be pretty pricey since they are made of precious stones and metals, so do some homework first before you decide what to wear on your big day. Wearing traditional jewellery doesn’t have to be a struggle. As long as you are smart with your makeup and wear light colours that match with different kinds of jewellery, it will make wearing them more accessible and more comfortable.