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5 Tips to Organize Perfect Wedding During Pandemic

4/03/2021- Tips and Articles – by Lucas Kraus

This covid’19 pandemic has kept everyone bound from carrying out activities effectively and efficiently. People started working from home, everything shut down as if life stopped for a moment. As time passed by, people learned how to muddle through this pandemic and sort things out.

A lot of weddings took place during the pandemic, even more than they annually occur. The reason being minimalist yet indelible weddings were being arranged. This pandemic taught us that not all wedding bells are supposed to be run in big halls and marquees and can be held at your own sweet home.

Following are 5 tips on how you can arrange your big day during a pandemic.

Safety Measures

The foremost thing you have to consider when planning or organizing a wedding is sanitization. The virus being contagious spreads quickly thus, one needs to be mindful of the safety measures. Ensure that all the guests you invite come wearing a mask, be it, adult or children. If someone forgets their mask put a box of masks at the entrance to facilitate everyone.

Secondly, put sanitizers on every table and make sure to sanitize the venue too. If the wedding is to occur indoors then consider the ventilation system indoors and get your house sanitized after the guests leave. You can do contact tracing post your event as you cannot guarantee anyone from not contracting the virus


It is your big day and you want everything to be picture-perfect. Everything to turn out to be in order you need to plan things out a few weeks or months before the actual event. You can contact and book an event manager. You can meet them in private or even arrange zoom meetings to get in touch with the event crew to prevent too much interaction.

Ensure you associate with your photographer to build up a photography plan ahead of time. You would prefer not to unexpectedly put your photographer, your visitors, or yourself in a hazardous circumstance where people feel strain to bargain their wellbeing to get a photograph.


When it comes to catering food everyone makes sure to hire the best caterers in the town. Irrespective of this fact, try ordering bite-sized food that can be served individually and there is not much contact when guests start eating. Hire a bunch of waiters who would serve out the drinks, preventing a lot of people from gathering at one place.


Curate your guest list. Pandemic has made people spend less on their weddings and saved them from extravagancy. The minimalistic home weddings have mustered up a great audience. People invite only their close ones and especially during the pandemic avoid gathering a lot of people together.

As social distancing might become nearly impossible. You can invite some to the reception and some to the formal dinner. Try inviting people that live in your city as people from abroad are restricted from traveling and should avoid traveling unless on an urgent basis. Do not just invite a handful of random guests just because you feel like everyone’s presence is needed. Prevention and the precautions are to be mindful of.

For the guests who live abroad or would not be able to make it to the wedding give them online invites and ask them to join you over an online meeting. This way you will stay connected to those who couldn’t attend your wedding in person. Virtual zoom meetings are a great way to welcome guests living abroad.


The event decoration and embellishment are another one of the most important things that need to be put into consideration. If you are planning to arrange the event indoors then you can personalize your space with a couple of photos, fairy lights, floor seating with cushions, and some floral décor.

On the other hand, if you plan to make arrangements outdoors then you can plump for a stage decorated with a theme of your choice for instance if it is a woodland theme you can even wear ladies winter coat like camel coat over your bridal dress and it would match the theme instead of looking odd.. Daytime events during the pandemic came into vogue. White floral themes were most liked and appreciated by the customers, accentuated with transparent chairs and tables with a royal white tablescape.