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A Simple Wedding Can Be Simply Beautiful

21/05/2018- Tips and Articles – by Lisa Williams

If you’re planning your wedding day, you may be looking at other recent weddings for style and format ideas. There’s a fashion for offbeat, outlandish ceremonies at the moment, with every kind of venue and innovation imaginable. But remember – you don’t need to follow the trends. If you’re happier with a simple event, go right ahead and let your beautiful bond speak for itself. Here are some ways to keep your wedding day simple, saving you time, money, and stress:

Keep your guest list manageable

You don’t need a long guest list to make your day special. You’ll probably want to invite close family members and best friends, and perhaps others who’d be sad to be excluded, such as long-standing acquaintances or elderly relatives. But don’t feel obliged to include others outside your circle, such as colleagues, cousins or your parents’ friends. Some wedding couples go to the opposite extreme, inviting the bare minimum of two witnesses, so feel free to consider this option, too.

Select a convenient venue

Some couples set their wedding venues far from home, in holiday resorts or remote corners of the world, while others like to pick a quirky location, such as a train station, boat or tower. But you’re under no obligation to think up a novel setting of any kind for your wedding. Other factors, such as tradition, cost and convenience, may be more important to you. If you have a religious faith, your place of worship will probably be ideal for you; otherwise, your local register office will serve well.

Choose a simple form of transport

While many couples like to hire a smart car or a horse and carriage to convey them to their wedding venue, that’s their choice. You can drive your own car, catch a bus or walk, if you prefer. It’s your wedding. If your natural preference would be to ride there on your pushbike, don’t let social pressures stop you. With that option, though, it might be wise to deliver your outfit in advance to put on when you arrive, rather than risk it getting damaged on the way.

Dress to suit your own tastes

Don’t be daunted by the grandeur or originality of your friends’ wedding attire. Be your own person and follow your instincts. If you have a penchant for a particular color or style, go for it, whether it’s fashionable or not. If you’re watching your budget, though, you’ll need to check prices carefully before buying anything, especially if you intend supplying similar attire for attendants. If you’re a competent dressmaker, or have a relative who is, you could save money with simple, home-produced outfits. Also, make sure you leave enough time for your bride and groom preparation.

Keep the ceremony simple

Make sure you discuss the wedding photography process with your photographer. If you wish to have a special feature in your ceremony, such as a musical interlude, poetry reading or special electronic effects, that’s fine, but if you’re happy without, that will be equally satisfactory. There’ll be plenty to mark the day as it is, what with the gathering of friends, the ceremonial procedure, the wedding feast and the spectacle of it all.

Arrange your party to suit you

You’ll probably want to provide some refreshments for your guests after the ceremony, but they don’t need to be grand or exotic. An assortment of simple, savory and sweet dishes will keep everyone happy, especially with a few alternatives for those with special dietary needs or preferences. If your wedding is to take place in a cool season or region, guests will appreciate a hot dish or two, but there’s no need to supply anything elaborate.

If you and your partner wish to tie the knot in high style, you should pursue that dream. But if you prefer quiet simplicity, stick to that preference with pride, and let your wedding’s symbolic glory shine out.