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Wedding Photography on the Beach

Often I hear people mention before a wedding “Hopefully it will be a sunny day for the photos”. Whereas in fact, many wedding photographers prefer overcast or cloudy weather for wedding photography. Weddings on the beach can be in fact, more difficult for your Gold Coast wedding photographer than say a garden wedding. Reason being […]

The sign of a great photographer is..

that there’s NO sign of them! When I’m conducting a wedding, I’ll be working very closely with the photography team. They have to work quickly and skillfully to capture everything as it happens because there are no second chances. They’ll be darting about, picking the best angles and shots, and different photographers manage that in […]

Wedding photography in the rain

When planning your wedding, it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast for the actual day and the few days prior. It may not always be spot on, but it is pretty damn close. If it looks like it will rain on your wedding day, don’t fret. I recommend getting some nice […]

Night Photography

A skilled wedding photographer should be able to utilise other forms of light other than natural. When the sun is behind the horizon or setting rapidly, it is almost impossible to use natural light for photos. Photographs can end up grainy, dark or underexposed and the subjects are basically shadows. If a photographer uses their […]

Golden Hour

Have you ever heard of the evasive Golden hour? It is the time when the sun is close to the horizon and illuminates the entire atmosphere in a soft, golden light. As a photographer, it has to be one of my favourite shooting conditions as it is very flattering light for the bride and groom […]

Rochelle and Adam

Such an amazing wedding. Rochelle and Adam were married at The Mint Museum in Sydney. The Mint Museum is a an award winning redevelopment of Sydney’s oldest public building. Beautiful sandstone, striking architecture and located within the heart of Sydney CBD. Rochelle’s and Adam’s guests enjoyed the spectacular service, fine wine and canapes during the location […]