Brisbane Bridal Party Photos

You will notice on your wedding day, that once the ceremony is done and dusted, the nerves disappear and melt away like they were never there. After the ceremony, we do the obligatory family and group photos, then I like the bridal party to relax for 20 minutes or so (if we have the time). We then progress into the bridal party photographs. This is an enjoyable time during the day and I like to keep things light hearted and fun.

I also like to break up this time into half an hour segments. You will find that posing for photos and following directions can be quite exhausting. It is a good idea to organise some drinks and snacks for your bridal party so they can unwind and have something to eat. The bridal party photos is perhaps the most stress free time of the day, so it is a good idea to rejuvenate yourselves the night ahead. My tips:

  • Trust the photographer. They have done this hundreds, if not thousands of times.
  • Although wedding photographers should be giving direction during this time, just go with it and try not to think about the posing to much.
  • Bring some drinks and snacks as discussed previously
  • If you want a specific pose or location, don’t be shy about talking to your wedding photographer about this.
  • Spend this time unwinding and enjoying yourselves with your closest friends and family
  • If you have 90 minutes allocated for this part of the day, you don’t need to take photos for the entire time. These photos can be quite tiring for the bridal party, so it’s good to break it up and have little rest periods during this time.
fun bridal party photo at wedding
bridal party photo
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full bridal party shot at country wedding
Bridal party wedding photograph eastern Sydney
Bridal party drinking beers at wedding
photo of groomsmen at wedding
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bridal party photo in brisbane