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Lucas Kraus Photography – Gold Coast wedding photographer – 07 FEB 2018

Choosing the best wedding photographer

When you are planning your wedding, there will come a time when you think about your budget and how much you are going to spend on each item at your wedding. The most expensive, without a doubt will be your reception.

Budget for wedding photographer

Your wedding dress might be the next most expensive item, and then the wedding photographer will usually be the next most expensive item. When searching for a Gold Coast wedding photographer, you will probably notice a big variation in how much a wedding photographer can cost.

Photographers who are just starting out can charge as little as $500, in fact when I was first starting to get into wedding photography, I charged $250 for 6 hours. I was new, inexperienced, lacked confidence and my price was a reflection on that.

There is an old saying I am sure you have heard of, “You get what you pay for”. If you pay $500 for a wedding photographer, then don’t expect the world. On the flip side, some wedding photographers can charge thousands of dollars and may not deliver the results you expect.

So how do I choose?

First, have a good look through a wedding photographers website. Websites build trust and are basically a portfolio for wedding photographers. They should have entire weddings on their website, not just a few select images.

Many photographers can take a great photograph in the right conditions, but can they truly display all images from a wedding under difficult circumstances?

A dimly lit church, strong sunlight and fast moving objects are all situations that can test a wedding photographer, and most beginner wedding photographers may struggle with these.

That is why it is a good idea to entire weddings from a wedding photographer. This can be either in blog form or in albums. If you would like to see an example of entire weddings that I have photographed, then please see our Real Weddings.

Meeting your photographer

When searching for the best wedding photographer in the Gold Coast, it is important to meet up with at least 3 different wedding photographers.

This will give you an insight into their personality and how they approach wedding photography. It is important to find a Gold Coast wedding photographer that listens to your wishes, and fits into your big day (and not take over it).

They should also have a few wedding albums to display that show entire weddings. Some wedding photographers include albums into their packages and some might have it as an ‘added extra’. Make sure you ask your Gold Coast photographer what is included in their pricing and if there are any hidden extras.


An important part about being the best wedding photographer is having the right equipment. Many wedding photographers who are just starting out will use cheap equipment that may not get the job done or may be prone to failing.

Make sure you ask your wedding photographer in the Gold Coast about what equipment they use. Professional wedding photographers should be using cameras worth at least a couple of thousand of dollars and have a range of different lenses. It is also crucial to have a backup camera.


Having the best wedding photographer is very important if you want wedding photos that capture your day well. Many wedding photographers in the Gold Coast are just starting out and will offer cheap prices as incentives to take bookings.

When working our your budget, make sure you allocate at least $2000 for a wedding photographer. If you would like to see a list of our prices, then please see our wedding photography packages.

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