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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

16/4/2019 – Tips and Articles – by Nicola Richards

Making a decision on “thee” wedding hair style is easy for some brides but many struggle to pin down a specific look or feel unsure of their choices. As a Perth Hair Stylist, I have seen my fair share of weddings and there is a number of points to consider so here I’ll run through them.

First of all….

Look for inspiration of wedding hair that matches your own hair colour, many brides are drawn to blonde images of hair and the reason for this generally is that lighter colours show off more detail and often more texture eg. braids on blondes are more visible than braids on brunettes.

Brunette brides that are looking at blonde styles for inspiration will often be left disappointed that their hair doesn’t “look the same” as their inspiration photos. If you want to add texture and detail to dark block colours, consider opting for some lighter brown highlights or caramel lights…. this will help to show off detail and texture.


The theme – Think about whether your dress is soft and romantic, classic, vintage, strong and structured or boho. Usually a lot of your wedding “themes” are somehow related to the feel of the dress, same kind of goes for hair….. now I’m not saying you should pluck out a 1920s retro do to go with your vintage 4th generation family heirloom wedding dress, just maybe that the feel of your hair should be in keeping with the feel of the dress.


The neckline cut of your dress – Is it a low back, high neck, bateau, Jewel, or v -neck? And what do you want to show off? Finding the focal point of your dress should help you to decide up or down, but remember there is no right and wrong, it’s about how you feel in the dress – I’ve had many brides with low back dresses this season but some have chosen to wear their hair up to show off the low back and others have opted for down and wavy so the curve of the open back frames the curve of their hairline. Both beautiful ideas.


The best piece of advice that I can give – is to be you and feel comfortable. Ultimately your wedding look should be a polished version of yourself, think “you at your absolute best”. Don’t be pushed into “Aunty Hilda’s” version of what she thinks you should look like because she has some regrets about her own wedding hair do 49 years ago…..It’s your big day and if you would feel better with your hair out rather than up or vice verse go with what will make you feel comfortable and confident. All eyes will be on you and the groom, but if you feel over exposed or in easy about your hair decision then it can affect how you feeling the day and also when look back on photos.

At a trial I usually allow 1.5 to 2 hours, this gives me ample time to chat with a bride about the dress, any hair accessories and to work through 2-3 looks. If you’re still undecided then ask a few friends or relatives that know you well what they think, they’ll usually be honest and helpful.

And remember your hair is 90% of a selfie….make it fabulous! If you would like any additional information regarding how to choose the perfect hairstyle for your wedding, please visit

Dresses – Charlotte Balbier
Photography – Jay Mawson
Makeup – Lauren Rippen
Hair – Nicola Richards