Creative wedding photography in Brisbane

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Creative wedding photography in Brisbane

When planning your wedding day, there will be a time when you may seek a Creative wedding photography in Brisbane

There are many different types of wedding photographers. Some specialise in Creative wedding photography, others may take a more traditional approach to weddings. At Lucas Kraus Photography, we offer a special and creative wedding photography in Brisbane. We have developed this unique approach over 8 years of experience and nearly 400 weddings photographed.

Here is what makes us the most creative wedding photography studio in Brisbane

Artistic wedding photography

We look at things in a unique and special way. We find the artistic value of every situation, no matter the location. We have the ability to use special lighting equipment which allows for indoor wedding portraits.

Being able to create artistic wedding photographs indoors is not something that beginners can do. It takes many years of wedding photography experience and sound knowledge of lighting equipment in order to create artistic wedding photos.

We are always ready to photograph the special moments throughout your wedding day, whether it be tears of joy, sadness or happiness.

Assess lighting situations

Being able to identify different types of lighting is essential when creating a unique style of wedding photography. There are many different types of light, each with it’s own affect on subjects.

We are able to pose subjects in soft, beautiful light that allows subjects to look their best. We also use various types of lighting modifiers in order to achieve a creative style of wedding photography. Everybody wants to look their best, especially on the most important day of their life, so we ensure we have the latest training in posing and lighting.

Quick and Nimble

In order to capture those important moments, it is important for wedding photographers to be able to move quickly and freely. That is why we only carry minimal equipment that can be moved with ease. This ensures the ability to capture all those special moments that happens during your wedding day.

We always ensure our batteries are charged and our memory cards are empty. This way we are always ready for whatever happens.


During our career, we have photographed over 400 weddings and have developed an artistic and creative style of wedding photography. If you would like any information about Brisbane wedding photography, then please visit our Contact Page.

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