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Engagement photoshoots: What, wear, where and when?

09 DEC 2016 – Tips and Articles – by Lucas Kraus

Engagement photoshoots are a fantastic way to become familiar with your photographer, develop confidence in front of the camera and also lets your wedding photographer learn what works best for you as a couple in regards to posing. The photographs you receive from your engagement shoot can also be used for a canvas for your wedding, sign in books, gifts for your wedding guests or even a slideshow to be played at your wedding. I often get asked what to wear to engagement shoots so I thought “why not make a blog on it!”


It is best to stay away from strong bold colours such as black, bright red, or dark blues as these would overpower the photograph. I always recommend pastel colours such as light blues, soft reds, purples or greens. For lighter skin, it is best to stay away from colours that might wash you out such as light oranges, yellows or earthy colours. For darker skin, it is best to stay away from darker colours such as blues, browns or greys. It is also a good idea to stay away from clothing that has too many colours or that is to “busy”.

Mount annan gardens of engagement photography

For the fellas

I always recommend for the guys to wear a nice button up shirt and a good pair of jeans or slacks. It is important that you feel comfortable during your engagement photoshoot which will provide the best possible results. It is advised to stay away from t-shirts or polo shirts as they can look a bit sloppy. Anything with big logos is a no-no and anything that is striped is best to stay away from. Black sneakers are okay, but it is also best to wear a nice pair of shoes that will compliment your shirt.

For the ladies

If your a dress kind of girl, then dresses always look best in my opinion. If not, a nice pair of jeans works well too. There is no need for high heels but if you have something that will raise you up a little bit is always a good thing. It is a good idea to choose something that is flattering to your body shape. Also, anything that is stripped is best to stay away from. Lately, I have also had many brides-to-be have their makeup trial before their engagement shoot which is a fantastic idea as it can kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

engagement photograph at Balmoral beach

Where and when?

I always suggest for the couple to select a location that is special to them. Somewhere where you have been before, perhaps had picnic at or maybe where the big question was popped? If not, I can suggest some locations that may be suitable which can help your decision. Anywhere where there is a nice background such as trees, rivers or oceans is always good. Couples usually have their engagement shoot a few months before their actual wedding, however this is dependent on mine and your schedule. Engagement shoots usually go for approx two hours. I like to make this as relaxed as possible and recommend bringing a drink or a snack as it is good to have some small breaks during this time. Regarding the time of day, it is best to start two hours before sunset as this will give us the best light. In Summer months this is usually 6pm to 8pm and in Winter months is around 3pm to 5pm.

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Engagement photoshoots big in America but are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Perhaps 25 percent of my clients opt for an engagement shoot. They are a great way to increase confidence in front of the camera, create a good relationship with your photographer and most of all provide you with fantastic images that you can keep for a lifetime. My engagement photoshoots are currently $350 which can be added to your overall package. If you would like more information, please visit our Engagement Photography page.

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