Brisbane Groom Preparation Photos

Ahh the boys. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my nearly 10 years of photographing weddings, is telling the boys to be 90 percent ready when I arrive. Before doing so, I would turn up and one was in the shower, one was off getting Macca’s and the others are lounging around. When I arrive for groom preparation, it is best if the boys are basically ready. In other words, showered, shaved, hair done and everything on except ties and jackets. That way, when I arrive I get straight into taking photos.

Often ties and bowties can be frustrating and time consuming so allow at least 10 minutes for this. Once this is done, jackets are relatively straight forward and then I get a photograph of the boys having a drink before the day commences. We then go into group and family photos and then a few portraits of the groom. I always start the day with the boys. Reason being, they normally get to the ceremony before the bride, and you can’t exactly rush the girls getting ready whereas the boys you can. I normally allow 45 minutes for Groom preparation and is optional. Many grooms/couples choose to forgo groom preparation photos which is perfectly fine.

If you opt to have professional photographs taken of the groom getting ready, my only advice is… Be 90 percent ready when I get there! 🙂

groom prep
Groom Prep in Brisbane wedding
getting ready for the wedding
groom putting on tie
boys having a drink before wedding
groom prep photo
groom preparation at Dunbar House
groom getting ready in sunshine coast
groom doing up cuffs