Hot Trends for Wedding Cakes in 2019

1/05/2019 – Tips and Articles – by Lucy Robinson

Those near-ubiquitous ombré cakes of 2018 have finally overstayed their welcome. Geode cakes, as well as towers of dainty cupcakes, are also on their way out.

The ever-popular naked cakes, however, are getting a makeover in 2019. To learn more about this year’s luscious wedding cake trends, check out this list.

Drip Cakes

More and more people are expected to choose drool-worthy drip cakes this year, and for a good reason: drip cakes, especially those of the dark chocolate kind, have an air of luxury and decadence about them. Evoking drama, drips and splatters lend interest to traditional marbled, metallic, hand-painted water colour, and pastel frosting.

Brushstroke Cakes

One of the artsy confections gaining popularity as wedding cake staples is the cool-looking brushstroke cake. Also known as Kalabasa feather cakes, brushstroke cakes sport hardened chocolate shaped like feathers.

Semi-frosted Naked Cakes

The laid-back and rustic feel of the naked cake is still stylish in 2017. But it comes with a new twist: semi-sheer frosting that offers a glimpse of the gorgeous sponge cake inside.

Versatile semi-frosted naked cakes can wear fresh flowers, fruits, and figs–yes, juicy and delicious figs, which are having their moment among wedding cake trendsetters this year.

Tiered Cakes with Celestial Elements

If you are having a starry night-themed wedding reception, then consider reinforcing your chosen theme in style!

A midnight blue cake decorated with silvery sugar stars just might do it. Incorporating celestial elements onto box-shaped wedding cakes is expected to see traction this year.

Tiered Cakes with Geometric Accents

Industrial reception venues can use a lovely tiered cake finished off with quirky geometric elements. A monochromatic fondant may have an accent of a three-dimensional geometric projection in gold leaf or dark chocolate.

The geometric accent may also take the form of a see-through pyramid positioned on the cake like a topper about to topple over.

Succulent Cakes

Rustic and woodland weddings match best with succulent cakes. Imagine an exquisitely garnished wedding cake with cacti and other miniature succulents of piped icing and handmade sugar flowers.

Hyper-realistic buttercream succulents and blooms are also high on the list of the hottest wedding cake trends for 2019

Black Cakes

Bold and dramatic, a black tiered cake makes an impressive and on-trend statement at the wedding reception table.

Each layer of the charcoal-colored cake can sport a unique black-themed textural garnish, including a lace effect, marbling, and sequins with black sugar crystals.

Banana Cakes

This particular flavor rumored to be favored by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is naturally going to be a huge hit. The choice of a banana cake, an antithesis of a traditional wedding cake, makes a lot of sense if you are planning to host a laid-back and fun backyard reception.

You might also consider mixing and matching these trends with your preferred traditional wedding cake elements. Use this list as a source of fresh ideas for use during your consultation with your wedding cake baker.