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How long do I need a wedding photographer for?

17 OCT 2016 – Tips and Articles – by Lucas Kraus

When planning your wedding photography with your photographer, it is a good idea if you have an idea about how long you want the wedding photographer to stay for during the night. Some wedding photographers may have “all day” packages so they will start when the boys start to get dressed right through to when you leave in your getaway car. Other wedding photographers such as myself will have wedding photography packages based on hours.

I like to allow my clients a lot of flexibility when planning their wedding photography, that is why I have packages ranging from 3 to 10 hours. Clients may even add hours to the 10 hour package to create a 16 hour wedding photography package (yes I have done a 16 hour wedding before). The most important aspects of your wedding reception will usually be speeches, cutting of the cake, first dance as husband and wife and father daughter/mother son dance.

I will always recommend having a wedding photographer for these important parts of your reception, anything else after that are photos you could probably live without. e.g. dancing shots, bouquet toss etc. Personally I am happy to stay right up until the bride and groom leave as I love taking photos of the guests dancing. Photographs of the bride and groom leaving in a archway or a farewell circle can also bring some great memories and create some intimate moments. Leaving in the car is always a good way to conclude a photobook also. These particular photographs may be photos that you really want and if so you may want to tell your photographer so they can tailor make a wedding photography package for you.

Another important aspect of the wedding day is bridal preparation. These to me are photos that will look great in your wedding photobook and will capture some intimate moments between bride/bridesmaids, bride/father and mother etc and I will always recommend having a photographer for this.

Groom preparation is usually optional. The bride and groom to be need to work out if this is something they want and if it is within their budget, as you will probably need a wedding photographer for an additional 1 to 1.5 hours to take photographs of the groom getting ready. My most common wedding photography package is an 8 hour package, and this will comfortably take in groom and bride preparation right through to the first dance as husband and wife.

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