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Lucas Kraus Photography – Wedding Photographer – 13 NOV 2018

How much will your wedding cost?

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in South East Queensland? We have been shooting weddings for over 8 years and each of our images contain a level of creativity and beauty. We direct subjects in a polite and respectful manner.

When couples book a wedding photographer, they often look at price as a major contributing factor. Three thousand dollars may seem like a lot of money, but how much is this compared to the overall budget for your wedding?

Lets look at this below

The wedding reception

Your wedding reception will be easily the most expensive item when budgeting for your wedding. It can account for up to 50 percent of your overall budget, and can often cost around $150 per person. If you have 100 people attending your wedding reception, then don’t be surprised when this can cost you $15,000. Usually, this does not include a bar tab. Often, wedding reception venues will ask that you put a minimum of $1000 on your bar tab.

This can often raise the price to around $20,000 for just your reception. Some wedding venues may also have additional costs such as cleaning fees, cutting of the cake and the price of the Disk Jockey.

So, $2000 to $3000 for a professional wedding photographer, in comparison does not seem like that much money. When you spend so much money on your wedding reception, you want your wedding photographer to reflect this in your wedding photography.

Bridal Hair and Makeup

When planning your wedding preparation, hair and makeup for you and your bridesmaids will be a pretty major cost.

Let’s break it down. If hair and makeup together, costs $250 and you have 4 bridesmaids for your wedding, this is a total of $1000.

It is a good idea to discuss with your bridesmaids if they are willing to pay for their own makeup, as this could take away some of the burden. Again, when looking at a wedding photographer, you want your photos to reflect the beauty of your bridesmaids and how much effort has gone into this part of the planning process.

Professional wedding photographers will have particular techniques that they employ to help their photos take in the details of the hair and makeup process, the before and afters and how wonderful you and your bridesmaids look when they have their hair and makeup complete.

Suits and Dresses for your wedding

Perhaps one of the most expensive items for your wedding, is paying for the dresses and the suits for not only the bride and the groom, but also for the entire bridal party. Each suit and dress can easily cost between $200 and $300, and if you have 10 members in your bridal party, this equates to over $2000.

Again, it might be an idea to discuss with your bridal party if they are willing to pay for a portion of their dress or suit, especially considering that they will be able to keep that article of clothing and potentially wear it again one day in the future.

Your wedding photographer should be able to capture your bridal party and how amazing they look in their dresses and their suits. Personally, I always try and get a photo of each member of the bridal party by them self. This is a great way to generate conversation and display how great they look.

Other wedding vendors

There are a number of other wedding vendors that you may not have considered when planning your wedding, however all play a critical part in your wedding.

Your florist has a major impact upon the style and feel of your wedding. Be sure to see example shots of your florists past weddings to ensure you are making the right choice. An experienced florist can give you some valuable information into what flowers are in season and what will fit your imaged ‘feel’ to your wedding.

Your celebrant is perhaps one of the most important people at your wedding. Without them, there simply would not be a wedding. Each wedding celebrant brings their own unique style and personality to your wedding ceremony. As a wedding photographer, I have seen hundreds of wedding celebrants, from inexperienced ones to veteran celebrants who have a passion for the industry and make it their full-time income. It is a good idea to meet up with your celebrant and check their past reviews. This is one thing I don’t recommend you skimp on.

Your Master of Ceremonies, similar to your wedding celebrant has a pretty major function to play. You want one who has the bubbly personality and experience to make your wedding reception runs smoothly and without any troubles. One word of advice.. Some wedding venues will have their own MC and will encourage you to use theirs. Although there is some benefit in doing so, make sure you meet with at least two or three MC’s and make your own decision.


We have discussed in this article some of the major contributing wedding vendors that you will have to consider when your are planning your wedding. One this we did not discuss, is how your wedding photographer will bring all of the above wedding vendors together.

Let me explain. Your wedding photographer is usually starts first and ends last. They are there for the entire day. They meet your makeup artist, hair stylist, celebrant, wedding coordinator and MC. They make sure your day is kept on track by sticking to strict timelines and using effective communication with the rest of the vendors.

More importantly, your wedding photographer will be the one who documents everything you have paid for. What is the point of spending over $30,000 on your wedding if you are not able to look back on your wedding with fond memories and a sense of joy?