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How to find the best Brisbane wedding photographer

When you are planning your wedding, you might be asking yourself about How to find the best Brisbane wedding photographer. In this helpful article we will discuss some of the things to look out for when searching for your wedding photographer in Brisbane.

Experienced wedding photographer

When searching for your wedding photographer in Brisbane, it is extremely important to consider the photographers experience. Wedding photography as an industry is not regulated, meaning that there are no qualifications or standards which wedding photographers must abide by. This is a good thing, and a very dangerous thing. Many beginners could potentially pick up a camera and start charging money for weddings. This is when a lot of people get stung by their Brisbane wedding photographer as they are expecting fantastic photographs after their wedding, but may end up with blurry or out of focus wedding photos. At Lucas Kraus Photography we have been photographing weddings for over 7 years and have developed a professional and experienced staff base.

Creative wedding photographer

Many people can take a photograph, but in order to create a beautiful piece of art then it takes a lot of practice. Creativity is not something that can be learnt. It is something that comes naturally to certain people. Experienced and creative wedding photographers in Brisbane can automatically create creative and splendid wedding photography. One of the biggest tools at our disposal is lenses. If you have a creative wedding photography lens, you can achieve certain aspects that many wedding photographer can not do.

Recommended wedding photographer

An excellent way of determining How to find the best Brisbane wedding photographer is to check out their ratings and recommendations. If you have been recommended a wedding photographer by your friend or family member then great, but in todays world many businesses should display their ratings. At Lucas Kraus Photography, we have over 50 5-star ratings on facebook, 6 on easy weddings at 20 5 star ratings on google business.

This is a fantastic way of reviewing past clients of their business and if they will do a professional job. If a business has not displayed their ratings then it is obvious that they have not received very good reviews. Facebook is probably the best way to check out potential wedding photographers reviews as well as google plus. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when searching for your Brisbane wedding photographer.


Although their are many wedding photographers in Brisbane, you need consider your options and which one is best suited to you as a future bride and groom. There is a big difference between professional and experienced wedding photographers and beginners. This article has tried to establish some of the more important factors to consider when asking yourself How to find the best Brisbane wedding photographer

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