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How to Have A Wonderful Wedding (from a celebrants perspective)

14/04/2019- Tips and Articles – by Cheryl Forbes

If you speak to most people they will tell you they have dreamed of their wedding day their whole lives. They visualise their dress, being walked up the aisle, who their attendants will be, the location, their honeymoon…I haven’t spoken to anyone yet who included the celebrant on that list, yet we are the only part of your wedding you can’t actually marry without (unless of course it’s a religious ceremony)

Choosing your Sydney wedding celebrant is as individual as you are, every couple is different, so is every celebrant. As with many products or services you will find we offer different inclusions, so its important to know what is & isn’t included in the cost. Fees vary just as much & will depend on the services provided & your area. To the couples I marry starting their new life together surrounded by people they love in a ceremony that’s all about them is a priority.

For couples who choose to walk up the aisle, that can be one of the most emotion charged moments of the day. At the rehearsal I advise the one who is walking the aisle to not rush it. When you get to a place where you first sight the guests & your partner standing at the front- stop, pause & take it all in.

There are all of your favourite people sitting in one place & of course the person you are about to marry. Allow yourself time in that moment to just be there with yourself -& breathe. It will also allow your partner to take you in in stillness. At this stage the photographer has the opportunity to snap some great shots of both of you.

The ceremony might start with welcoming the guests & offering special thanks to some important people. After getting to know a couple so intimately during the planning of the ceremony I love to tell their story to the guests. Even though many people there know parts of it they usually manage to learn something new & maybe a bit quirky about them. The look of joy on the couples faces as their story is told & the interaction from their guests, often including some heckling, is priceless.

There are some legal parts to the wedding that are necessary for you to be declared married. Your celebrant will guide you through that process & look after all of that for you. Even though there is a legal component to the vow many couples choose to write personal vows to each other.

Your vows are the promises you make to each other to set up your life together. Although some find it daunting & are terrified to speak in public it helps to remember that you are not public speaking, you are talking to the person you love the most…with a few dozen people listening in. Not everyone is great at writing vows, & that’s okay.

A good celebrant will give you inspiration & guidance if needed for your vows & right throughout your special day. If you would like more information, please visit my website