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Planning your wedding in Byron Bay

When planning a wedding in Byron Bay, there are many things you can do to reduce to the price of your wedding. It is a good idea to have a budget in mind when planning your Byron Bay wedding. Here are some of our tips

Finding a reception venue

It is no secret that your reception will be the most expensive part of planning your Byron Bay wedding. When planning your wedding in Byron Bay, you may find many venues charge upwards of $150 per head which may not even include drinks. Some venues will allow you to customise your wedding package, such as adding canapes, use of the grounds, bar tab etc. It is a good idea to think about how you want to plan your wedding and have a budget in mind that you want to stick to. If you serious about researching Byron Bay wedding venues, we have listed some websites below that might prove valuable to you

Byron Bay weddings

Circle of Love Weddings

Weddings in Byron Bay

Buy your wedding dress online

We have all heard of those crazy stories of brides to be purchasing their wedding dress online for under $200. But how is this experience and what is the quality like? Let me tell you from first hand experience that when I got married, my wife purchased her wedding dress online from Ali Express. We made exactly $180 for it and the quality was fantastic. We did however, need to go to a seamstress twice to get it re-fitted to her body shape. This cost around $250 bringing the total cost to $450. Bargain!

Don’t have a bridal party.

When planning your wedding in Byron Bay and you have a budget to stick to, it might be a good idea to consider not having a bridal party. A bridal party in itself can be a major strain on your budget given they all need suits and dressed, bouquets, hair and makeup etc. When we were married, we chose not to have a bridal party in order to keep things simple and hassle free. Instead, I just had my best friend with me on the day, taking on the role of a best man and my wife had her friends with her to help her with the day to day chores. Doing this resulted in saving almost $2000.

Wedding photography on a budget

If you are getting married in Byron Bay and you are looking for a wedding photographer, it is a good idea to put aside a decent amount of your budget for wedding photography. As I have mentioned before, there are no regulations when it comes to wedding photography and the range of wedding photographers in Byron Bay can vary drastically. I would recommend hiring a wedding photographer who is both experienced but affordable.

A first step is not to go with a studio. Wedding photography studios are much more expensive than wedding photographers who may work from home. Reason being is that they need to pay for a studio, pay admin staff and for lighting equipment. If you choose to do this, be careful. There are many wedding photographers in Byron Bay who may have only photographed a couple of weddings and might have beginner equipment.

We recommend finding a wedding photographer in the $1500 to $2000 range. This will ensure that they are experienced and professional. If you are in fact looking for a Wedding photographer in Byron Bay, please visit our Contact Page.


If you are Planning your wedding in Byron Bay on a budget it might be difficult in finding the right wedding providers, however with enough research anything is possible. We in fact spent under $10,000 for our wedding and it was lovely. Just remember to stick to your budget, do your research and make sure your vendors are both professional and experienced.

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