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Posing for wedding photography

16 AUG – Tips and articles – by Lucas Kraus

Let’s talk about posing for wedding photography. Often at times I am told at wedding photography consultations that the couple don’t like posed shots and only want “natural” wedding photographs. This creates a little bit of a problem for wedding photographers. In fact, one of the most skillful things about being a wedding photographer is posing couples in a way that makes them look their best and creates an aesthetically pleasing photograph. If a wedding photographer documented the day from a distance, you more than likely wouldn’t get wedding photo’s that you see below.

Everyone is different. Everyone has different body shapes. My job as a wedding photographer is to highlight your best features, make you look great and to do it in a way that feels natural. During your location photos, I will roughly set you up in a pose that is comfortable. I will then ask the bride and groom to have a bit of fun, do a bit of a snuggle or simple for the groom to give the bride a kiss on the cheek.  I very much forgo the “cliche” poses unless requested by the bride and groom. These poses I count as dips, jumping in the air, groom holding brides dress etc.

The wedding photograph above may look complicated and time consuming, but in fact it can take less than 30 seconds to setup a pose like this. This is perhaps one of my favourite wedding photographs in terms of posing. It just seems to fit. It looks natural and the bride and groom look great. If you would like to see more of our portfolio, please click here. If you are looking for a Sydney wedding photographer, Brisbane wedding photographer or Gold Coast wedding photographer, please visit our Contact Page to make an enquiry.

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