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6 JULY – Wedding makeup Sydney – by Kylie Price

One of the things that can really help you get the very best result in your wedding photos is to use a professional makeup artist for your bridal look on your wedding day. Yes, it’s an extra expense – but it is one that more than pays off. 

Many brides-to- be might question why bridal makeup is apparently so expensive. It might seem like a big extra financial investment, on top of all the costs associated with a wedding. Yet when you consider just what you are getting when you hire a professional bridal makeup artist, it’s not actually very expensive at all!

As well as getting a professionally-applied look that lasts all day, regardless of wind, rain, perspiration, humidity, heat, cold, hugs, kisses, and happy tears, you also get a look that is tailored for a premium result in your photographs. A great makeup artist will give you a result that looks great not just in person, but is akin to the results of airbrushing in your wedding photos – without the need for any retouching at all.

When it comes to your photos, retouching costs money. Professionally-applied bridal makeup can actually save you money overall! Bridal makeup as applied by Sydney wedding makeup artist Kylie Price is very different than the everyday makeup most women use – both in its qualities and how it’s applied. It is designed to work with the methods used by a professional wedding photographer, reflecting light just so, and to look amazing in photos.

It also gives a bride that extra confidence and radiance that will shine through in the images from the day that she will keep forever.

Why else choose a professional makeup artist for your wedding?

  • A great wedding makeup artist is a master at her craft; this takes years of experience and acquired expertise to achieve. She will have worked with hundreds of brides to create all looks. She can offer a fresh perspective and advise you on what will work best for you.
  • Professional grade makeup, which is used by makeup artists, is very expensive and of the highest quality. When you hire a professional, you really are getting the best.
  • A bride has enough stress leading up to her big day without worrying about her makeup. With a professional makeup artist, all you need to do is sit back and relax as she creates the look for you.

You probably want your bridal makeup to be perfect, right? A simple, neutral but beautiful look, that brings out the very best version of you – both in person and in your photos. To look like you are not actually wearing any obvious makeup! A professional makeup artist has the tools and the know-how to achieve this.

The results will speak for themselves. For more information, please see my site at

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