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Qualities to look for in a wedding photographer

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience. Many brides and grooms to be often stress about the financial cost associated of a wedding, to seating arrangements, family issues and choosing experienced and reliable vendors.

We have created this helpful blog so you know the qualities to look for in a wedding photographer and how you can be prepared to ask them the important questions. There are so many wedding photographers out there, the market is over saturated and competitive. You really have your pick from photographers as there are so many of them.


Ask your wedding photographer what kind of equipment they use. Professional wedding photographers should only be using the latest equipment to ensure safety and quality of your wedding photos. Many of the high grade cameras have duel card slots, enabling them to save your photos to two cards at the same time. SD cards can fail, it has happened to me.

Your wedding photographer needs to be prepared for the worst and have multiple backup cameras and lenses. Like SD cards, cameras and lenses and flashes can even fail. Professional wedding photographers need to have backup of everything. Make sure you ask your photographer what kind of equipment they use and research it online when you get home.

Personality and flexibility

This is a big one. Some Brisbane wedding photographers may have big personalities and not be flexible when it comes to the structure of your big day. Make sure you sit down with them and have a chat and ask them a few questions about how they plan to structure the day in regards to family photos and location photos. Some photographers might be quite firm with how long you want to do your location shoot for.

Your location shoot timing should really be up to you. In fact, the whole day should go the way you want it, not your photographer. Your photographer is there to capture your wedding, not take over it. It is also a good idea to check with your friends to see if they have any recommendations into wedding photographers. Another idea is to check their reviews and ratings online. Businesses live and die by their online reviews, and wedding photographers are no different.

Wedding albums

Check their albums. Professional wedding photographers should have high quality albums that they can provide to clients. They should also have a range of different varieties. Some of the more inexperienced wedding photographers only give photos on a USB and may not provide prints. It is also a good idea to review whole weddings that they have done. Many photographers could take a decent image in the right light and conditions, however only professionals can take consistently high quality photos in a range of different settings.

Some examples of this include dark or dimly lit churches, reception halls, night photos or sunny conditions. Photographers will need to constantly change their settings in order to bring out the best in every shooting scenario.

Digital images

Qualities to look for in a wedding photographer include making sure you receive the images in high resolution and not watermarked. Only some photography companies will allow clients to print from the digital files. Others will not give you the rights to the photos and only give you low resolution images. The reason for this is that they force you to buy prints from the actual company and may only release digital images if you have purchased over $1000 worth of prints.

This model is outdated and is slowly getting phased out. Many of the newer photographers will provide clients with digital images. You as the client, pay a lot of money for a wedding photographer so you should be entitled to all the images!


This blog has outlined some of the qualities to look for in a wedding photographer when planning a wedding. As mentioned, the market is saturated with photographers so it really is buyers choice. Make sure you do your research and find out if your getting the best value for money.