Queensland wedding photographer

Lucas Kraus Photography – Queensland wedding photographer – 30 JUNE 2017

Queensland wedding photographer

When you are planning your wedding, you will come across many wedding photographers. In fact, wedding photography is one of the most saturated industries when it comes to weddings. This is mainly due to the fact that cameras are becoming cheaper and easier to use. The rise of the digital era has seen an influx of the amateurs and an overall lower quality of wedding photography.

If you are getting married, you will see several wedding photographers based in Queensland that you may like the look of. It is recommended that you make a list of at least 10 wedding photography companies that you like the look of. Compare the prices, compare the photographers personality and compare their style to that which you find the most attractive.

Is is then a good idea to narrow down this list to your favourite three wedding photographers. You can then arrange to meet up with these photographers and see more of their work and how they design their albums if applicable. Many Brisbane wedding photographers for example, may meet you at a coffee shop and show you several sample albums that will demonstrate how your album may look.

Try not to negotiate with wedding photographers. Professional wedding photographers in Queensland have spent many years perfecting their craft and may be seen as insulting to try and bargain with your wedding photographer. Some wedding photographers in the Gold Coast may offer additional features into their packages to make it better value. If this is the case, then obviously it would be folly to decline.

Wedding photography in the Gold Coast

When you are looking for a Queensland wedding wedding photographer, you may be included to look at a wedding photographer in the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast has a fantastic number of experienced and professional wedding photographers that will be able to help you. Although many of these photographes would be used to photographing weddings on the beach, they would still be able to provide you with creative and professional wedding photos no matter what kind of venue you are getting married in.

Be sure to shop around and remember to meet up with at least three Gold Coast wedding photographers.  Be sure to check out whole weddings that were photographed. Some beginner photographers may do extremely well in good light with a couple who know how to pose correctly, but what about in a dimly lit church, or at sunset where there is limited light? Some photographers will also struggle with making their subjects feel comfortable and relax in front of the camera.

Wedding photography in Brisbane

When scouting around for a Queensland wedding photographer, try and make sure you check out the wide variety of wedding photographers in Brisbane. Brisbane is Australia’s third biggest city and is home to a wonderful array of talented and experienced wedding photographers.

Brisbane has many different types of venues that can be used for your wedding. This includes, beaches, hinterlands, cliff faces, and urban environments. When looking for a Brisbane wedding photographer  is is extremely important to do your research. As it is a big city, it goes without saying that there are many photographers posing as professional wedding photographers but may only have photographed 2 or 3 weddings.

Many couples get burnt by this, and think that they can save themselves a lot of money by hiring someone that is cheaper. Wedding photographers who are cheap, are cheap for a reason. If you are starting off in the industry and do not have much experience, a good way of getting more business is to become a cheap wedding photographers or a “budget wedding photographer”. Couples who hire this type of wedding photographer often feel disappointing and let down by their wedding photos. This can take a burden on what should be the happiest time of your life.

Wedding photography in Byron Bay

When you are looking for a Queensland wedding photographer, you may also want to consider Northern NSW. Wedding photographers in Byron Bay are some of the best in Australia. For such a small area, it is home to dozens of award winning wedding photographers and is located only a couple of hours south of Brisbane.

Byron Bay is a unique place that encourages creativity and being unique. Wedding photographers who are from Byron Bay may seem to have a unique style to their wedding photography that you may not have seen before. Some of them in fact, travel the world taking photographs and have won many awards. If you are looking for a reliable Byron Bay wedding photographer then give us a call on 0423 722 286.


This article has spoken about some key areas of how you should look for a Queensland wedding photographer. It has also elaborated upon some of the areas in South East Queensland and Northern NSW as to where you should look. At Lucas Kraus Photography, we have developed a unique and timeless style to our wedding photography that is both affordable and professional. We have photographed over 350 weddings and would love to photograph yours!

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