Brisbane Reception Photos

Once the bride and groom photos are done, now is the time to let your hair down and have some fun. The Brisbane wedding reception is the time where you have some freedom to chat to your guests and enjoy yourself. During this time, I will be taking candid photos of your guests chatting and interacting. I will also be buzzing around getting group photos where possible. I like to be in the background a little more for this part so I don’t interrupt the natural proceedings of the reception. Below are some things to remember for your wedding reception.

  • Have a schedule. You don’t need to stick to the timing 100 percent, but have it there as a rough guide
  • Prepare your MC. If you have a professional MC or getting a friend to do it, make sure they know what’s going on and prepare them in advance
  • You don’t need a wedding photographer for the entire time. I recommend staying until the cake cutting and first dance is complete
  • Table photos are optional. This can be quite taxing for the bride and groom and we will need around 30 minutes to do this. I normally speak with the bride and groom on the night to see if they feel like doing this
  • Have fun!
wedding reception
walking out of wedding reception
dancing at wedding reception
group photo at reception
wedding reception fun
groom taking garter off with his mouth at wedding reception
cake at wedding reception
Photobooths at the wedding reception
romantic dancing at wedding reception