The Beauty of Golden Hour: Experience a Sunset Wedding in Greece

9/07/2019- Tips and Articles – Make Happy Memories


According to Make Happy Memories, a wedding planner in Athens, a sunset wedding might be tricky to pull off but it’s all worth it in the end. Serving as a magical coalescence of elements towards perfection, a sunset is a natural phenomenon that is quite challenging to describe in just one word.

Call it beautiful, but beautiful is not enough to label it. Call it calming, but calming is not enough to describe the feelings that it provokes. Call it colorful, but colorful is not enough to define its exquisite appearance. Like love, sunset is an amalgamation of all the wonderful descriptions that you could think of. If sunset is almost like love, how do you imagine these two being combined?

If you and your special someone are planning to tie the knot through a symbolic wedding in Greece after all the years of waiting, why not end the wait and start your new journey by doing the ceremony at the most romantic time of the day?

Sunset wedding is rare, but this fact makes it more special. If you decided to do your ceremony at sundown, there’s a huge probability that your guests and loved ones will witness this type of wedding for the first time. Moreover, if you bring the sunset celebration to a world-class destination, you’re up for creating a real-life fairytale wedding.

If you’re looking through the possibility of a symbolic ceremony by availing wedding packages in Greece, timing it in the closing of the day will be magical through the grace of Apollo.  You don’t have to worry about its challenges, though, because your local wedding planner in Greece can assist you and guide you through the best sundown locations of this country.

If you need a helping hand for decision making from the experience of a wedding planner, all the advantages of a sunset wedding are listed in this blog. Read on.

Exquisite Palette

No two sunsets are the same. Amazing, right? Despite their ever-changing façade as days went by, this ethereal phenomenon won’t disappoint you with its unique and superb beauty.

Sometimes, it appears through pink and tangerine cotton candy swirls but other times it appears like a painting with carefully perfected gradient. Mother Nature certainly deserves a round of applause.

Breezy weather

No need to spend too much on an excessive cooling system just to keep your guests comfortable. Unlike morning ceremonies where it can be pretty humid before the time the wedding party is finished, a sunset ceremony has gentle weather that is great not only for your invitees but also for your own makeup.

Evening Party

If you’re going to time your wedding at sunset, you certainly have to prepare for an evening banquet and party! If you’ve been dreaming of using string lights and fairy-lights but you had no chance of doing so, this is the perfect opportunity to be a little extra with illumination. You can also prepare a firework show if you want to!


This is particularly related to point number 1. The changing colors of sunset as minutes went by provide numerous options of vibes that you want to portray. From the first moments of its golden sunshine to the critical minutes of superb silhouettes of the twilight, there are several opportunities to produce terrific mementos. Just make sure that you hire a photographer who is expert and skilled enough to deal with the challenges of sunset photography and you’re good to go.


There’s a reason why sunset photos is often used in poetries, paintings, and prose by different artists: this captivating phenomenon is one of the known metaphors of end and beginning. In addition to these art forms, you can also apply sunset’s symbolism in your wedding.

Tying the knot is the end of the season of your singlehood but it’s also a start of your journey as a newly wedded couple. The shift might be challenging, but you know what? Just like the sunset, your transition is beautiful and full of hope. You have each other and that’s what matters, right?