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The dual purpose of your wedding photographer

24 OCT 16 – Tips and Articles – by Lucas Kraus

I photographed a wedding this previous weekend, and as always I said goodbye to the bride.  She was very appreciative not because I took great wedding photos (she hadn’t seen them at this point) but because I helped her to remain calm and helped organise the day along side her. An experienced wedding photographer should not only capture fantastic photos, they should also be helping the day to flow at a natural pace and help the bride remain calm.

You see, the wedding photographer is the only person who starts the day with the bride and is alongside her for the entire day. All the other providers have massive parts to play in a wedding, but only for a portion (i.e. Celebrant, caterers, hair/makeup etc). Often at times, the bride and groom will be unsure of what happens next, how to get to the next venue or how long to spend in a particular location for wedding photography.

This is where I like to provide guidance to the bride to ensure the day runs smoothly and hassle free. I try to be a constant help on the day and a source of friendly information. Your Brisbane wedding photographer will play such a massive role on your wedding day so it is especially important to ensure they have the communication skills needed to organise subjects in a friendly and polite manner. For example, the wedding I photographed on the weekend started raining during the family photos after the ceremony and during our location photoshoot.

I made sure that all the guests were able to stay dry while also capturing the family photos after the ceremony. We made use of a sheltered pergola nearby while the other guests headed to the reception. During our bride and groom photos, it started raining again quite heavily so we bolted for the closest taxi and finished our wedding photography at the reception. On top of this, organising a time for table photos, photos of friends and other relatives are things the photographer must be able to organise on the day.

I am also very mindful of the fact that the bride and groom are in fact human beings, and need food and liquids during the day. On this particular wedding, I insisted that the bride and groom have a rest for about 30 minutes before going into their reception and have something to eat and drink. I also like to make sure that when their entrees/mains come out that they get the chance to eat them as they are served. I know how hard it is to stay happy and positive when you are hungry and feeling faint. If you are looking for any more information, please see our wedding photography page. If you are looking for a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer or a Brisbane wedding photographer, then please feel free to visit our Contact page.

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