Three things to consider when hiring your Brisbane wedding photographer

Lucas Kraus Photography – Wedding Photographer – 22 MARCH 2018

Three things to consider when hiring your Brisbane wedding photographer

There are so many Brisbane wedding photographers out there. In fact, the market is saturated with them. In this blog, we point out three things to consider when booking your Brisbane wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography Style

Every wedding photographer will have their own unique style. In a market that is so competitive, wedding photographers are constantly trying to tweak their style so they stand out to potential clients.

Some of the traditional wedding photographers will have a similar style. When I say ‘traditional’ it means the older generation who started with analog cameras. These photographers are usually quite vocal during your wedding day and their way of posing is very old fashioned.

Some of the younger generation classify themselves as ‘journalistic’ which means they stay in the background most of the day. In my opinion, a wedding photographer needs to take action and command authority, to a certain degree.

In order to get the photographs you are after, wedding photographers have to stand up and take control. Family photos require direction, and photographers need to be aware of the time and keep to a timeline.

It us up you to select a wedding photographer based on the style you are after. Do not be afraid to tell your photographer that you want them to either be in the background more, or take control of the day.

Experienced wedding photographer

There are so many wedding photographers in Brisbane who have just acquired their first camera, decided to be a wedding photographer and starts charging $2000 off the bat.

When picking your wedding photographer, it is very important to consider their experience. Be sure to check their reviews, ask how many years they have been shooting and ask to see some whole weddings they have photographed.

It is also a good idea to ask your wedding photographer if they have photographed at your venue before, as they may be able to bring knowledge to your photoshoot and valuable information to your planning.


Do not be afraid to ask for reviews from not only your wedding photographer, but all of your wedding vendors. Reviews give an excellent representation of a vendors history. If a photographer has no reviews, it is likely that they have deleted them all as they received to many negative ones.

A decent wedding photographer should be over a dozen positive reviews from a number of various sources. These can include facebook, easy weddings or google plus. A wedding photographer should be open and honest about their reviews as it is a factor which is very important when presenting them self to prospective clients.

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