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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

6/01/2019- Tips and Articles – by Jessica Kraus

There are so many decisions to make when finding the perfect wedding dress and planning your wedding. Many of us have a vision of what we want to look like and I believe that you should try and get as close to that as possible. I have provided a simple guide to help you decide which wedding dress suits you and your body shape perfectly.

I have seen so many weddings where the bride is absolutely beautiful but is let down by her dress, this affects her confidence, photos and can lead to stress on the big day. The last thing you want to be worrying about is your dress slipping down or being uncomfortable when you should be enjoying yourself.

I have given a few simple tips for each body shape. Some of us don’t fit into any of these categories but may share some characteristics from each body type and fortunately there are many different wedding dress styles to choose from.

Apple – A rounded shape with broadish shoulders, larger bust, narrow hips and often but not always have slim legs

I find that this body type suits plunging/sweetheart necklines. The major mistake people make with this shape is not having straps to hold up your dress. Apple shaped women tend to have larger breasts and combining that with the heaviness of a wedding dress causes the bride to be pulling up her dress all day and is very frustrating.

Having a strapless dress will also make your shoulders look broader then they are, having a strap will help to break up the space across your shoulders giving you smaller looking shoulders and accentuating you breasts.

Using something to define your waistline is a good idea like a large ribbon or pattern that creates an illusion of a more defined waistline which will also help to lengthen your body.

Having a flowing or wider bottom half to your dress will help to even out the top half or your dress giving you proportion and enhancing your waistline. Aline and ball gown dresses are flattering to this body type and will accentuate your breasts whilst giving you length.

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Straight – Slim body without curves, your breasts, hips and waist are of similar size.

A backless or plunging backline dress is always a flattering choice for the straight body type for this shows off your feminine back and shoulders. This body shape can easily wear strapless dresses, the dress will stay in place well and can be tight against your chest without having to worry about your breasts coming out or overflowing.

This body shape tends to suit Sheath and Aline dresses to give the illusion of curves but is not restricted to this style either. Dresses with lace cut outs or embroidery always look flattering. Having this body type although it seems restricting actually gives you a lot of options to play with and different styles to choose from.

Hour Glass – This one is also a very well-known description of a woman that has equal sized bust and hips with a small waist.

The hour glass figure is a very flattering shape and can be shown off well in a mermaid or trumpet gown style. This will emphasise your curves and your well-proportioned body. This shape can sometimes be lost in certain styles that hide your curves or hug in the wrong places so try to focus on your bust and hips and show off your curves.

This figure can also pull off a ball gown or A-line style so you may have to have to decide whether you want to emphasis all your curves or go the more classic style. Our team suggest experimenting with what makes you the most comfortable and trying on a few different styles.

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My final tips would be to get your dress altered, very rarely will you find a dress that fits perfectly and just a few alterations will make you so much more comfortable and the dress will fit you beautifully. Do not try and lose weight close to the wedding to fit your dress, this is never a good idea and you may find yourself having to get last minute alterations anyway.

If you are self-conscious about the size of your arms and are worried about how they will appear in photos then choosing a wedding dress with subtle lace sleeves always gives the illusion of smaller arms and is very feminine.

Try online shopping, it may seem scary to buy your wedding dress online but that’s what I did and it saved me a lot of money. When buying online you must do your research and make sure they are a reliable company. When ordering online make sure you give your measurements of every part of your body and be as specific as you can.

Once you receive your dress although you were extremely detailed in your description you may also still require a few dress alterations so don’t be afraid of making those changes. I added the website at the bottom of the reference list that I used for my wedding dress with this website particularly you need to be as specific as possible!

My final suggestion is to experiment and that there are always exceptions to the rule. You may find your perfect dress in a style that normally wouldn’t suit your body type so always try on as many different dresses as possible.

If you think you found the perfect dress go with your gut and not what you have been told by everyone else. You will know it when you find it! I personally have a rectangular/straight shape figure and I ended up going with a mermaid style dress as it just felt right. Make sure you feel like yourself and you are comfortable, it’s a long day and you don’t to be worrying about your dress.