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Brisbane wedding photographer under $1000

Brisbane wedding photographer under $1000

When you are searching for an experienced wedding photographer in Brisbane, you will probably notice that some (in fact most) photographers are very expensive. Some wedding photographers can charge up to $5000 for a single day of wedding photography, and this may not even include an album!

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Why choose Lucas Kraus Photography?

There are so many Brisbane wedding photographers in the market, all competing for your business. Wedding photographers differ greatly in what they can offer clients and their experience. With so many wedding photographers out there, why would you choose Lucas Kraus Photography?

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Top 4 Grooming Tips For the Groom

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding. Deciding on a venue, the flowers, the dress, the list goes on. Your guests pay attention to even the smallest of details, especially when it comes to your appearance; which can cause a lot of added pressure.

Photobook examples

Hi everybody. This is Lucas Kraus Photography. I’ve created this short video today to just to show you guys the quality of our photobooks and what you can expect when you receive them in one of our packages.

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Questions you should ask your wedding photographer

Planning a wedding is massive. It can take years of preparation, a lot of money and requires bringing together several dozen wedding vendors in perfect harmony to create your big day. Although we can’t help you in certain areas of wedding planning such as wedding dresses, booking your wedding venue or picking a celebrant, we […]

Wedding stress

3 Tips to Handle Wedding Stress

Getting engaged and planning your wedding is one of the most exciting phases of your life. It’s a chance to showcase your love and commitment to your spouse as well as your closest friends and family. 

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What is my editing process?

When it comes to wedding photography, or even photography in general, capturing the image is only 50 percent of the work. The other 50 percent comes down to the editing process.

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Summary of the Year 2017

So, 2017 was a MASSIVE year! For those who have just stumbled upon my website or don’t know me that well yet,  I got married myself, moved to Queensland, photographed 75 weddings in both NSW and QLD and helped raise our son William who is now 18 months old.

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Writing Vows the Easy Way

Right up there with the fear of speaking in public/making a speech, the thought of writing their own vows seems to make brides and groom quake in their boots.

Top 4 Tips For A Picture Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are a complete dream for photographers — that is, when couples plan them in a way that makes the most of this incredibly romantic and cozy season. You don’t need to concern yourself with things like lighting or subject placement, but here are a few tips that will help ensure you come away […]

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When to book your wedding vendors

So you have recently become engaged. Congraulations! Once the initial excitement wears off and you have announced it to the world, you will now face the mammoth task of planning a wedding’. Planning a wedding is big deal. Believe me, I was married around a year ago. I have written this blog to help you […]

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How to make the most of your location shoot

After your ceremony and your declared husband and wife, family portraits are then taken and then usually your wedding photographer will do your “Location shoot”.  A Location shoot usually lasts between 60 to 90 minutes and includes the bride, groom and bridal party. Below are some tips to remember when planning your location shoot with […]

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Creating your album

So your big day is done and dusted and now your officially hitched. Congratulations! Within 4 to 6 weeks after your wedding, I should have your edited photos ready and sent to your address. Once you have had a look through your photographs, it is time to start thinking about the 80 images you would […]

Fireworks at your wedding

Last weekend I had the privilege of working with a Pyrotechnic at two weddings in two days. Wedding pyrotechnics are becoming more popular as they have a great effect and can really add something unique to your wedding reception.

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When is the best time of year to get married

Your engaged! Congratulations! Next you will start planning and to think about what time of the year you will get married. Some couples may base this upon factors such as convenience for guests, price and logistics. Other couples may set their date according to the weather. This article will discuss when is the best time […]

Traditional vs Photo journalistic wedding photography

Traditional vs Photo journalistic wedding photography – A wedding photographers experience

This weeks article is going to discuss the difference between traditional and Photo journalistic wedding photography and some of the factors to consider when planning your wedding. Some wedding photographers only classify themselves as natural or “photo journalistic”, but what does this mean exactly and how does it differ from the traditional style of wedding […]

Unplugged weddings – Should I ask my guests not to take photos?

We are going to discuss something a tad controversial. Unplugged weddings. An unplugged wedding is when you ask your friends and family to turn off their phones, cameras, iPads or other digital devices used to capture wedding photos. While some couples encourage their guests to snap away and take as many photographs as possible, it […]

Should I hire a wedding videographer?

Should I hire a wedding videographer?

When planning your wedding day, there might be a time when you ask yourself “Should I hire a wedding videographer?” Wedding videos have a come a long way in the last 5 or so years and if done well can look amazing and will let you relive your wedding day whenever you like. There are however, […]

Photographing your wedding venue

Photographing your wedding venue

A common question I am asked at pre-wedding consults is have I photographed at that particular venue or not. Although it may help a wedding photographer if they are familiar with the venue, it should not be the deciding factor as to whether or not you book them to photograph your wedding. Let me explain

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Engagement photoshoots: What, wear, where and when?

Engagement photoshoots are a fantastic way to become familiar with your photographer, develop confidence in front of the camera and also lets your wedding photographer learn what works best for you as a couple in regards to posing. The photographs you receive from your engagement shoot can also be used for a canvas for your wedding, […]