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Meeting with your wedding photographer

This weeks article talks about weather or not you should meet with your photographer? In a word, the answer is absolutely! Perhaps one of the most important aspects to being a wedding photographer is being confident, having the necessary people skills and a natural chemistry between the photographer and the bride and groom.

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Have a look at our wedding photography albums!

At Lucas Kraus Photography, we  incorporate high quality and professional albums with all of our wedding photography packages (except the basic package). Albums or Photobooks are a fantastic way to cherish your memories as they look fantastic, the wedding photos don’t fray and cant fall out and get lost.

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The dual purpose of your wedding photographer

I photographed a wedding this previous weekend, and as always I said goodbye to the bride.  She was very appreciative not because I took great wedding photos (she hadn’t seen them at this point) but because I helped her to remain calm and helped organise the day along side her. An experienced wedding photographer should not only […]

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How long do I need a wedding photographer for?

When planning your wedding photography with your photographer, it is a good idea if you have an idea about how long you want the wedding photographer to stay for during the night. Some wedding photographers may have “all day” packages so they will start when the boys start to get dressed right through to when […]

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Leaving your reception for night photography

Sunset photos and night photos, if done correctly can be an amazing addition to the edited wedding photos delivered on your USB and can make your photobook come to life. In order to achieve this, you may have to duck out of the reception for around 15 minutes.

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What happens after your ceremony?

You have a wonderful ceremony, declared husband and wife, make it official, walk down the aisle and then what? So many couples I have seen get to this point and wonder what they are supposed to do now. Normally I allow the guests to congratulate the newly married couple. However, there are certain things to […]

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Lighting – Shade vs open sun

One thing I always try and encourage my brides to do is to have their wedding ceremony in the shade. Not only will it prevent you from glaring and squinting whilst looking at your loved one, but it will make a big difference to your wedding photography.

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Staying at a hotel near your ceremony

When planning your wedding, try to think about ways to make it easier on yourself!. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of weddings (My estimation is around 500) and have come to realise what works, what doesn’t work and how brides can alleviate stress before their wedding. If I were to give one single […]

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Why are wedding photographers so expensive?

Why are wedding photographers so expensive? That is a good question. We have all heard of people paying $5000, $6000, or even $10,000 for wedding photography. In fact, one of my wedding photography idols charges nearly $20,000 per wedding. Do people pay it? Absolutely!

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Bride and Groom Preparation

I often get asked if I can do both bride preparation and groom preparation on the same day or if I can provide a second photographer for this particular part. Although I can provide a second wedding photographer, I prefer to do both bride and groom preparation myself.

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Planning your wedding day

When planning your wedding day, it is important leave enough time in between your ceremony and reception for wedding photography. Normally after the bride and groom walk down the aisle as husband and wife (exciting!) I allow the guests to congratulate the happy couple for around 5 to 10 minutes.

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Natural Light for Wedding Photography

We have spoken a lot about the benefits of off-camera flash for wedding photography and how it can be beneficial when doing night photography. Contrasting to this is natural light. Natural light is just that, natural. It is the light created by the sun or golden hour, it can either be diffused through cloudy or […]

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Wedding Photography on the Beach

Often I hear people mention before a wedding “Hopefully it will be a sunny day for the photos”. Whereas in fact, many wedding photographers prefer overcast or cloudy weather for wedding photography. Weddings on the beach can be in fact, more difficult for your Gold Coast wedding photographer than say a garden wedding. Reason being […]

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The sign of a great photographer is..

that there’s NO sign of them! When I’m conducting a wedding, I’ll be working very closely with the photography team. They have to work quickly and skillfully to capture everything as it happens because there are no second chances. They’ll be darting about, picking the best angles and shots, and different photographers manage that in […]

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How professional makeup will benefit your wedding photographs

One of the things that can really help you get the very best result in your wedding photos is to use a professional makeup artist for your bridal look on your wedding day. Yes, it’s an extra expense – but it is one that more than pays off. 

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Wedding photography in the rain

When planning your wedding, it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast for the actual day and the few days prior. It may not always be spot on, but it is pretty damn close. If it looks like it will rain on your wedding day, don’t fret. I recommend getting some nice […]

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Night Photography

A skilled wedding photographer should be able to utilise other forms of light other than natural. When the sun is behind the horizon or setting rapidly, it is almost impossible to use natural light for photos. Photographs can end up grainy, dark or underexposed and the subjects are basically shadows. If a photographer uses their […]

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Golden Hour

Have you ever heard of the evasive Golden hour? It is the time when the sun is close to the horizon and illuminates the entire atmosphere in a soft, golden light. As a photographer, it has to be one of my favourite shooting conditions as it is very flattering light for the bride and groom […]