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Top 4 Grooming Tips For the Groom

25/06/2018- Tips and Articles – by Lucas Kraus

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding. Deciding on a venue, the flowers, the dress, the list goes on. Your guests pay attention to even the smallest of details, especially when it comes to your appearance; which can cause a lot of added pressure.

Most people suggest that there is a heavier emphasis on the bride to look her best on her wedding day. But that’s not entirely true. We can’t forget about the groom. It’s his day too, and contrary to popular belief, all eyes will be on him as well. There may be fewer components to his look, but that just means the small details will become even more noticeable. Here are four tips to help the groom look and feel his best:

Prep Your Skin

For the groom, his face is often the focal point of the day. Guests will be looking closely to see
his reaction and excitement as his bride makes her way down the aisle. With that said, the first
thing all grooms should do is work on their skincare routine.

Wedding planning can be a stressful process. Oftentimes this stress results in breakouts and complexion issues, even if you’re not prone to these types of blemish issues. Keeping your skin moisturized is vital when trying to maintain clear skin. Small habits like washing your face everyday, applying moisturizer with hydrating ingredients like shea butter and aloe will make a world of difference.

Grooms should also be perfecting their shaving regimen. Your skin can be clear and moisturised to perfection, but if you’re shaving incorrectly you’ll irritate your skin and all of that work will have gone to waste. To avoid any unnecessary irritation, it’s important that grooms are equipped with top notch shaving products.

No matter their facial hair preference, shaving your face or even trimming your beard will not be successful unless you are using the right tools. Go with the grain to avoid any tug and pull, and be sure to relather before you make another pass of shave!

portrait of groom before his wedding

Decide on a Hairstyle

Don’t use the morning of your wedding as an opportunity to cut your hair and test a new look.
That will be a decision you will likely regret. If you are interested in straying from your usual
style, be sure to give yourself at least a month between the day you walk into the barber and the
day you walk down the aisle.

This will allot extra time for your hair to grow if you don’t like the outcome. If you’re planning to style your hair, be sure to test out the hair care products in advance. You may think you won’t have a bad reaction, but if you’re not accustomed to using product there is a risk for your skin to have a reaction.

To avoid this, look for hair products that are fragrance free. Fragrance ingredients cause those with sensitive skin to break out in a rash and have other reactions!

Dunbar House wedding photo

Pamper Yourself

Guys, don’t think that pampering is only for the bride. There are a lot of benefits to taking time
for yourself and maybe doing something out of your comfort zone. Facilities for men are
becoming more popular, so take a trip to the spa, and take part in a day of massages, facials
and relaxation.

This will help free yourself of any pent up stress concerning your upcoming trip down the aisle. Your smile is destined to be the focus of the day, and it will live on in pictures for years to come.
Look into teeth whitening options and get your smile at its brightest for the big day.

If you’re a coffee drinker there’s bound to be some lingering stains. Try swapping out your regular paste for a whitening toothpaste. This simple change can do wonders for the smile you never knew you were missing out on.

If you’re really trying to make a drastic difference, get help from a professional and ask your dentist about options available.

Stay Fit

Finally, the best way to look your best on your wedding day is to get into a regular fitness
routine. Now don’t give yourself added pressure and try to shed extra pounds. While that’s
surely an option and goal for some, we’re talking about getting in a fitness routine to help you
feel your best.

It can be as simple as walking your dog around the block every morning, or as complex as beginning a fitness challenge at your local gym. The end goal is to provide yourself with more confidence, and feel good on the big day.

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