Top 4 Tips For A Picture Perfect Winter Wedding

15 DEC 2017 – Tips and Articles – by Samantha Morris

Winter weddings are a complete dream for photographers — that is, when couples plan them in a way that makes the most of this incredibly romantic and cozy season. You don’t need to concern yourself with things like lighting or subject placement, but here are a few tips that will help ensure you come away with stunning photographs that truly capture the most of your winter wedding.

Choose a Theme or Colour Scheme

Your wedding photographs should tell a story, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by choosing a mood, aesthetic, theme, or color scheme to guide all the decisions you make. This will help ensure that there is visual consistency across all the elements that make up your winter wedding, especially the decor.

Find Flattering Attire

One of the best ways to incorporate and highlight whatever theme or color scheme you choose is through both the bridesmaid dresses and the suits or tuxedos. Mixing and matching seasonal colors that complement one another looks amazing in photographs.

A lovely color pair idea for winter is olive dresses and black tuxedos and suits. It’s classy, slightly playful, earthy, and flattering on nearly every skin tone.

Black tuxedo from The Black Tux Suit & Tux Rental Collection

Olive dress from Nordstrom Bridesmaid Dress Collection

Go for a range of olive shades for the bridesmaid dresses. For the men, it looks best if all the suits and tuxedos are a consistent black, but feel free to play with the shades of olive in their ties.

Keep The Time In Mind

It’s not your job to fuss about lighting, but when scheduling out the events and time for photographs, do not forget the effect the winter season has on when the sun sets. It will begin to get dark around 4pm, so plan an early ceremony accordingly.

Also try to prepare to take advantage of the sun setting on a hopefully snowy day for some truly magical lighting effects. Bring a blanket or heavy coat to wear in between snaps. It will be worth a few outside shots!

Focus On More Than Details

Small details are lovely and critical to a memorable evening, but when it comes to memorable photographs, the subject and the backdrop will be the star players. Keep this in mind when choosing and setting up your wintry venue.

Play around with what your space will allow and keep reminding yourself of what’s behind things. For example, set up strands of soft lights behind the wedding table to create a white, whimsical, winter-esque background for those inevitable toast and clank-kiss pictures.

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