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Why using professional gear is important when your a wedding photographer

Today we are going to discuss why using professional gear is important when your a wedding photographer. Many people think they can become a wedding photographer with entry level cameras and lenses. The fact is, there are many things you can do with proper gear that is impossible to achieve when using sub-par cameras and lenses. As a wedding photographer in Brisbane it is crucial to maintain your reputation as wedding photography is a very competitive industry.

Duel Card slots

Perhaps one of the important aspects of being able to photograph a wedding correctly is having duel card slots. Cards fail, rarely but it does happen. Luckily I have not been in a situation where this has happened, but I have had some pretty close calls.

Like any other technology, SD cards and CF cards are not perfect and have been known to produce error’s and in some cases, erase all the data. If you do not have a backup, this could be dire not only for the poor couple who have lost their cherished memories, but also for your reputation as a photographer throughout Brisbane and Byron Bay.

Entry level cameras no not have duel card slots and this is something only seen in more professional and expensive cameras. Any working professional should always be using a camera with duel card slots.

Focusing system

We have an excellent knowledge of the various areas in Byron bay that are special for wedding photography. Byron Bay is a fabulous location surrounded by breath taking beaches and beautiful bush hinterlands. It has a nice vibe and all of the locals are extremely friendly. This is one of the reasons why couples from around Australia choose to get married in Byron Bay and why we have chosen to provide the best wedding photography in Byron Bay.


As a Brisbane wedding photographer, I sometimes do 10 or even 12 hour days and my cameras get put through the ringer. By the end of the day, they have been bumped, bruised, knocked and dropped (worst possible situation). Smaller cameras that may be used by beginners are not durable enough to photograph weddings around the Brisbane area and may also stop working throughout the day.

Professional wedding photographers around Byron Bay should always be using professional camera equipment to ensure they gear does not break half way through a wedding. This is the only way to ensure your wedding day is captured confidentially.


Professional lenses are very expensive. They are sturdy and produce better images. They have the ability to let in more light and create a nice blur to the background. Lenses are perhaps the most important feature of capturing a wedding as they are responsible for colours, contrast, and focus.

Many beginners use kit lenses that come with the camera. These are simple not good enough to create creative wedding photographs in the Brisbane area. Professional lenses may cost upwards of $3500 and all professional wedding photographers should be using them.


If you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Brisbane, make sure you ask them what gear they use and how much it costs. You would be surprised how many wedding photographers scrape by with sub-par camera equipment. It is not worth the risk of hiring a wedding photographer without the proper gear.

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