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Lucas Kraus Photography – wedding photographer in noosa – 14 FEB 2017

Wedding photographer in Noosa

Lets talk about wedding photography in Noosa. Noosa is a wonderful place located in South East Queensland. It is a small place surrounded by beaches and forest and is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Queensland and a popular tourist destination

We have photographed hundreds of weddings in Noosa and have developed a wonderful knowledge of the surrounding areas and where is the best spots to take your wedding photographs. We concentrate technical aspects such as great lighting which helps you look your best and creates a pleasing look. We also make sure our subjects remain calm and relaxed with they are having their photograph taken.

When looking for a wedding photographer in Noosa it is important to remember these important points

  • First, remember to look for a wedding photographer who has good ratings or reviews. If you go to their facebook business page and you can not see any ratings, then it is likely they have received bad reviews and the owner has hidden their reviews so nobody can see it. At Lucas Kraus Photography, we have received over 50 five star reviews!
  • Make sure they have experience in photographing weddings around the Noosa area. Photographers who may have had experience in photographing families and babies are more than likely not going to have experience in photographing weddings. Wedding photographers have developed many skills that are primarily used at weddings such as people skills, having the ability to photograph fast moving events and being able to pose subjects correctly
  • Ask what gear they have. Your wedding photographer should be using professional camera equipment including lenses and flashes. Many photographers say that gear is not important if you know what you are doing, however a professional wedding photographer should know what they are doing AND have professional gear. Certain lenses let in more light and create a pleasing blur in the background. Most cameras used for weddings should have 2 card slots so if anything should happen to a card then they have a backup. Low level cameras can not to many things that are needed to photograph weddings, such as capture fast moving action, focus quickly or accurately and let in enough light into the lenses

All of these things are important when choosing a wedding photographer in Noosa however you should always go by gut-feeling. Meet up photographers and see how you get along with them. I always recommended narrowing down your search to 5 photographers and meeting with all 5. This will give you enough information as to what you require from a wedding photographer and how they will approach your wedding day.

Wedding photographer in Sunshine Coast

Not far from Noosa is the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine coast is home to nearly 200 weddings per year and has some of the best luxury hotels are gardens in Australia. It is also surrounded by award winning beaches that can be used as a excellent backdrop for your wedding photographs or you can head into the hinterlands for more of a bush vibe to your weddings. Beach wedding photographer can be a little bit trickly for a wedding photographer in Sunshine Coast or wedding photographer in noosa due to the lighting.

An experienced wedding photographer in the Sunshine coast should be able to use the lighting effectively to create pleasing wedding photographs. This is another reason why it is important to search around for an experienced and professional wedding photographer who can capture your big day in manner that suits you. When looking through wedding photographer albums, make sure you view complete weddings, not just wow shots or locations shots.

Being able to take great photos at a wedding from start to finish is something only an experienced wedding photographer can do. Many photographers are able to take good photos if the lighting and location are perfect, however taking photos in poor lighting in a fast moving event not everybody can do.

Again, if you are looking for an experienced wedding photographer in the Sunshine Coast or a wedding photographer in noosa then please have a look through out website and view some of our complete weddings and if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to send us an enquiry.

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