Have a look at our wedding photography albums!

31 OCT 16 – Tips and Articles – by Lucas Kraus

At Lucas Kraus Photography, we  incorporate high quality and professional albums with all of our wedding photography packages (except the basic package). Albums or Photobooks are a fantastic way to cherish your memories as they look fantastic, the wedding photos don’t fray and cant fall out and get lost.

A lot of people still think of wedding albums as the old fashioned book with a clear plastic surface on each page and with photographs that slip in and out. Like everything, technology has come along way and has allowed wedding photographers to create beautiful looking albums with ease. The best way to describe these particular albums are “professionally printed into the pages similar to a magazine but with thick pages and a leather cover”

Perhaps one of the biggest differences of a professional wedding photographer compared to a beginner is the fact that they can provide albums. It is a good idea to meet up with your wedding photographer to see examples of their photobooks and how they design them. Wedding photographs always look better when printed, and as they say, bigger the better. It is hard to describe how amazingly beautiful these photobooks are to anyone who is not actually holding them in their hands or seeing them with their own eyes.

Lucas Kraus Photography offers a range of different photobooks that correspond to their packages. Our 6×8 photobooks or “parent books” are a tad larger than a novel however are the exact same quality as our largest 11×14 photobook that is provided in both the Gold and Deluxe packages. Please see our Wedding photography packages link for more information. If you are after a particular size that we do not offer in our packages, feel free to ask us if this is possible and we will do our best. We also offer beautifully made canvas’ at an affordable price.

Our customers also choose the wedding photographs they want in their wedding albums and do so by selecting 100 images from their digital copies and sending an email to lucaskrausphotos@gmail.com with their file numbers. It is a very simple process and allows clients total control of the photos they want in their album. This is a fantastic idea as the bride may not like a particular photo of themselves, or they may only want 2 or 3 family photographs in there as opposed to all the family photographs taken on the day, or they want their album to reflect upon how their wedding guests enjoyed the day as opposed to lots and lots of wedding photographs of the bride and groom.

Below we have some more examples of our photobooks so please feel free to have a look.