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Wedding Photography in the Rain

12 JUNE – Tips and Articles- by Lucas Kraus

When planning your wedding, it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast for the actual day and the few days prior. It may not always be spot on, but it is pretty damn close. If it looks like it will rain on your wedding day, don’t fret. I recommend getting some nice umbrellas for the bride and groom and for the bridal party.Make sure they are white as they will let light through. If it is drizzling and lightly raining it will not be a problem. If the rain becomes torrential then we must think of other solutions.

One idea is to do the family photo’s and bride and groom photographs inside the church or place of reception. Another idea is to find shelter! An experienced photographer should be able to identify where the best location is that allows for beautiful wedding photography, and keeps everyone dry. On occasion, we have waited in the limousine until the rain has subsided and made the most of the clearing weather.

If worst comes to worst, we can re-schedule a wedding photography photoshoot after your wedding if you are prepared to hop back into your wedding dress and suit. Wedding photography in the rain can actually create some spectacular results if done correctly.

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