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Your Gold Coast wedding reception

2/11/20- Tips and Articles – by Lucas Kraus

The Gold Coast wedding reception site you select affect the atmosphere for your entire celebration. Everything from your invitations, your dress, the food that is served, and the music will be impacted by the location for your wedding reception. Therefore, finding the right location should be on the very top of your wedding planning list.

Before you begin your search you should no, at least approximately, how many guest you would like to invite. You can change a lot about a venue, but there is nothing you can do about capacity. If you can’t seat everybody on your list, you need to find another venue. The manager should be able to inform you of the maximum capacity of the place.

Another essential factor is your first impression. First impression is so important, that if you hate the place at first it is unlikely you would enjoy celebrating your most special day there.

You don’t have to get married in a hotel, a country club, or any of the obvious places. There are a variety of possibilities for exciting wedding receptions. Historic buildings or exotic beach destination weddings are a couple of examples of out of the ordinary wedding locations.

Whatever location you chose, be sure you understand what is included. Some venues quote you with food, some without. Others may include the furniture such as chairs and tables, and you may have to provide it yourself at other locations. Make sure you understand if the cake is included, how much staff is provided, are food and beverages included, etc?

Make sure you understand exactly what is and is not included. Don’t assume anything. The cost of a reception venue can add up based on what is or isn’t included. Try to bargain and make sure the management understand that you are considering several other places.

Make sure everything is in writing. It protects you and the venue to have everything in writing. If you would like more information about planning your Wedding in the Gold Coast, please feel free to contact us here.